Delta Airlines

Cabin Service

Delta Airlines offers six different cabin service options where exact details and seat availability vary by route and aircraft type.

1. Delta One is the airline’s business class product available on long-haul international flights. seats are arranged by the private entertainment system, power harbor and passengers received food of solid food, snacks, alcohol, bedding, as well as access to Sky Club before flight .

2. Premium Select cab features additional legroom, adjustable legrests, additional seat tilt, width and recline; and new premium service.

3. First Class is offered on major domestic flights and on Delta Connection aircraft with more than 50 seats. passengers receive a greater variety of free snacks, free drinks and alcohol and full meal service on flights 900 miles (1,400 km) and longer.

4. Delta Comfort + offers its members the privilege of priority boarding, overhead, free beer, wine and spirits on flights 400 km or more, and premium snacks free on flights of 1,400 km or more . Medallion members will be able to upgrade from the main cabin to Comfort + for free while other customers will be able to upgrade for a fee or with Skymiles.

5. Main cabin passengers receive complimentary snacks and soft drinks on all flights of 250 miles or more. You can also purchase free alcoholic drinks and meals on long-haul international flights.

6. Basic Economy is almost the same as the Main Cabin, offering the same services with less flexibility options at a lower price. Onboard Installation Delta Airlines provides Wi-Fi to most of its domestic flights and international networks and has installed 2Ku high-speed on 60 percent of mainline aircraft. Free Wi-Fi for buying and sending messages is available.

With the exception of MD-88, Boeing 717, MD-90, and Delta Connection aircraft, audio and video are available on all aircraft. Delta Sky Magazine and its online edition is the available in every seat on all routes. * SkyMiles is a recurring flyer system for Delta Air Lines offering headlines (or “miles”) with travelers traveling in the form of cash, which converts to receive prizes at costs such as airline tickets, business and first class promotion, and luxury products. * Delta Sky Club is the brand name of the Deltas Airport lounges offering free drinks (including alcoholic drinks ), snacks, Wi-Fi and reading materials to its members and to international passengers .

* SkyBonus is a program aimed at small and medium-sized businesses who spend between $ 5,000 and $ 500,000 annually on air travel where they earn points for free travel and upgrades to Sky Club and SkyMiles Silver Medallion status. Delta Airlines Refund Policy All refunds are subject to the rules of the fare issued with fees or penalties.

For medical matters, doctors are required to obtain a certificate with a referral to send Delta emergency flight. In the event of the death of a passenger or family or passenger, the death certificate will be filed with the Passenger Compensation Department.

All refunds of Delta Airlines are initially offered in the form of an initial payment. A refund request will only be made for those eligible airline tickets that are canceled within the active period. Environmentally friendly airlines Delta Airlines used Prekote which is an environmentally friendly chrome non-hexavalent surface pretreatment of the aircraft to improve paint adhesion and prevent corrosion.

Prekote has reduced water usage and wastewater treatment and saves money by reducing the time it takes to paint each plane. Winner with the arrival of Delta Airlines Most airlines were interested in Worldwide in 2013 by Fortune Magazine.

Honored with the Candidate Experience Award, 2014 Named 145 of America’s 500 Greatest Employers in 2017 by Forbes Magazine. Top Women’s Businesses by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, 2018. Gold awarded as General Carrier of the United States at the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards, 2019.

Best long-haul airline at the 25th Annual Business Travel Awards, 2020.

Delta Airlines Contact Information Delta Air Lines, Inc. 1030 Delta Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354 Phone (800) 270-9956

Refund Status 800-847-0578 Baggage 800-325-8224